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Q1. How to input the name for Infant?

Q2. How to input the Date of Birth for Infant?
A2. 3SAN1.1INFT-2.1/01SEP08

Q3.How to change PAX type code (i.e. from adult to child)?
A3. -2@. 1/*CNN

Q4. How to enter Form of Identification with HKID number for Pax 1.1?
A4. 3SSRFOIDCAHK1/NIZ9581682-1.1

Q5. How to request a vegetarian meal?
A5. 3SAN1.1VGML (specific segment / passenger)

Q6. How to request seat for pax 2 on seg 1?
A6. 4RS1-2.1$46A

Q7. How to display a Queue Count?
A7. QCT*ALL (Queues/Categories/Date Ranges with activity)

Q8. How to access a Queue?
A8. Q/7*C2*D3 (Specify Q7/CATEGORY 2/DATE RANGE 3)

Q9. How to reprint the Electronic Ticket Record?
A9. Access Travelport ViewTrip, enter the Worldspan Rloc and last name of pax.